A Shared Commitment to Improving Care for the First State’s Kids

Delaware Children’s Health Network (DCHN) is a physician-led clinically integrated network of providers and health care systems dedicated exclusively to kids. Our goal: collaborating to develop and implement evidence-based, data-driven clinical initiatives that improve outcomes, increase efficiency and access, and reduce costs. Together we will prepare for the future of value-based health care — providing high-quality care to kids of all ages and an enhanced experience for patients, their families, and providers.

Better Care. Healthier Kids. Reduced Costs.

  • better outcomes — healthier children across the state, from birth through adolescence
  • increased focus on preventive care
  • improved, more proactive care coordinated across the continuum of primary, specialty, and inpatient care
  • increased access to care and support services for all children’s conditions - acute and chronic, simple and complex
  • reduced redundancies and gaps in care

Benefits to Participating Providers

  • clinical integration amongst network participants
  • focus on quality over volume
  • shared resources and processes (e.g., population health management IT software, clinical standard pathways, quality data and reporting)
  • shared savings (e.g., group purchasing to reduce overhead from vaccines, equipment, etc.)
  • jointly negotiated managed care contracts — aligning payments and incentives with performance and care quality

Quality and Care Management Resources

Need access to a certified coder?

If you have questions related to coding for patients covered under a DCHN Value Based Program, email codingintegrity@nemours.org to connect with a certified coder.

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